Repel space threats (debris, asteroids, comets, space storms) with laser plasma & prevent a global blackout & nuclear plants’ domino explosions

Since space storms, big asteroids and comets have a huge electric charge [NASA- electric asteroids, 2014], a close approach to Earth may cause a global blackout and a devastating domino of nuclear plants’ explosions [Shibata, 2015], and an attempt to deflect the latter by nukes etc, may fail because of space objects’ explosion/charge hitting the nukes from a distance (see Tunguska-1908/Chelyabinsk-2013/Tempel1-2005 explosions). NO SHELTER can save anybody from such a life extinction, other than the Laser Earth Shield! https://youtu.be/qPtFIJLmrKs . So laser-plasma repulse is a try we have to make soon! A Nobel nominated proposal, but still not for implementation. Prof. Pelton asks again for Earth SHIELDING!  https://room.eu.com/article/saving-earth-time-for-a-new-cooperative-framework

Deutsche Bank: Volcanic Super-eruption or a Global Blackout Will Likely Hit Us Over 10 Years.  https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/global-economy-deutsche-bank-catastrophic-tail-risks-2020-6-1029318560 www.dbresearch.com/servlet/reweb2.ReWEB

Another NASA chief alert! https://www.ibtimes.com/nasa-admin-confirms-apophis-asteroid-will-pass-below-satellites-2029-2972518

Since big lasers are not planned to be put on the Moon tomorrow, a number of laser-satellites can de deployed, that will be controlled from the Earth, focusing altogether simultaneously on a point on the asteroid/comet, or in front of the space storm.In the meantime, all of the 30 existing superlasers [Cambridge/Danson, 2015] must be ready daily for the same reason of repelling with a plasma ball both a last minute noticed asteroid or a dangerous solar storm, like the ones in 1859 (Carrington event), 1872, 1909, 1921 (telegraph blackout), 1972, 1989 (E. Canada blackout), 2003 (Halloween solar superstorm), 2012 (near-miss extinction), 2017 (15 US cities’ blackout), 2020 (near-miss extinction).

Dust from a giant asteroid explosion caused an ancient ice age…: phys.org, 2019.Several laser-plasma simulations have been made [phys.org, The Wire, 2017] and more are needed, especially for preparing laser-satellites for Lagrangian points. In the future, satellites may harness energy from Earth’s electric torus belts [Brice, 1971], provided we act fast to prevent a global recession & pessimism too. LINKS at the end of the page.

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Superlasers’ simulations:

  1. https://phys.org/news/2017-07-scientists-laboratory-astrophysical.html
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