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Repel space threats (debris, asteroids, comets, space storms) with laser-plasma to PREVENT EXTINCTION by a global blackout & nuclear plants’ domino explosions – ‘Shelters’: useless!

NYT & Bloomberg warn for blackouts & famine, without the prevention proposal . Cambridge/Nature mag ask for magma control, but did not mention the laser-plasma shield solution.

New warning about global blackout
Harvard & Berkley: Extreme solar super flare hit possible

Grid Expert’s Dire Warning WITHOUT the PREVENTION proposal: “All of Europe’s Power Supply at Risk”

PDF in 37 languages here! See also at the end of the page!

UNPREVENTED INCREASE in frequency of nuclear power outages

Austrian minister warns of possible power outage across Europe. 5 countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland), one governmental (NPR) and 2 non-governmental (Friends of Europe, L.A.S.E.R team) call for global blackout prevention. PLEASE HELP!

Apophis will enter the satellite belt in 2029 & may explode: SPREAD the potential of REPELLING it with laser-plasma!

Clear evidence of a low altitude cometary air burst over the Atacama desert thousand years ago

2nd London blackout in 3 years… Food shortage warning as winter blackout could deprive Brits of life-saving supplies

After how many more blackouts will they understand how an UNPREVENTED global blackout will blow up all nuclear plants and exterminate life???

VINDICATION! World-first laser developed to blast space junk.

Since space storms, big asteroids and comets have a huge electric charge [NASA- electric asteroids, 2014], a close approach of them to Earth may cause a global blackout and a devastating domino of nuclear plants’ explosions [Shibata, 2015], and an attempt to deflect the latter with nukes, may fail because of space objects’ explosion/charge hitting the nukes from a distance (see Tunguska-1908/Chelyabinsk-2013/Tempel1-2005 explosions). NO SHELTER can save anybody from such a life extinction, other than the Laser Earth Shield!  . So laser-plasma repulse is a try we have to make soon! A Nobel nominated proposal, but still not for implementation. Prof. Pelton asks again for Earth SHIELDING!

Deutsche Bank: Volcanic Super-eruption or a Global Blackout Will Likely Hit Us Over 10 Years.

Another NASA chief alert!

BBC & Austria VERY ANXIOUS about the expected global blackout:

Two local committees not for GLOBAL blackout prevention yet:

Since big lasers cannot be put on the Moon tomorrow, a number of laser-satellites can be deployed (on Lagrange points), that will be controlled from the Earth, focusing altogether simultaneously on a point on a dangerous asteroid/comet, or in front of a threatening space storm, thus producing a powerful repulsive plasma ball.
In the meantime, all of the 30 existing ground superlasers [5] must be ready daily for the same reason, until the laser-satellites are ready to defend life from devastating solar storms, like the ones in 1859 (Carrington event), 1872, 1909, 1921 (telegraph blackout), 1972, 1989 (E. Canada blackout), 2003 (Halloween solar superstorm), 2012 (near-miss extinction [6]), 2017 (15 US cities’ blackout) 2020 (another near-miss extinction). In addition, 3 near-miss Europe blackouts happened due to grid failures (2006, 2019, 2021…):

Dust from a giant asteroid explosion caused an ancient ice age…:, 2019.

Several laser-plasma simulations have been made [, The Wire, 2017]. In the future, satellites may harness energy from Earth’s electric torus belts [Brice, 1971], provided we act fast to prevent a global recession & pessimism too.

Annual WORLD DRILLS with preventive, artificial blackouts are also needed.
The 3rd factor that may cause a devastating global blackout are the occasionally occurring volcanic winters. Since magma provenly is stimulated by excessive space electricity [Ebisuzaki et al-2011, Marchitelli et al-2020], laser-plasma can repel it too & prevent dangerous volcanic eruptions!*
And in case the research proves that the magnetic pole reversals are due to comet passages, then laser plasma can save us from such events too!!!

LINKS at the end of the page.

*Partial vindication:

“Nature” mag: Let’s PREVENT volcanic super-eruptions! But not soon with laser-plasma, as we ask since 2011:

“More must be done to forecast and try to manage globally disruptive volcanic eruptions. The risks are greater than people think. Huge volcanic eruptions: time to prepare. Research should be undertaken to assess if it is possible to manipulate the magma to moderate eruption explosivity”.

MAIN warnings by disasters for potential global blackout-extinction by all nuclear reactors’ explosion, due to cooling systems shutdown:

  1. 1972 – solar storm blows up Pacific mines
  2. 1989 – solar storm causes Quebec blackout
  3. 1991 – Pinatubo volcano powerful explosion, near-miss volcanic winter
  4. 2003 – solar storm causes Sweden blackout
  5. 2006 – near-miss Europe blackout by grid mismanagement
  6. 2012 – near-miss solar super-storm
  7. 2017 – solar storm causes 17 US cities blackout
  8. 2019 – 2nd near-miss Europe blackout by grid mismanagement
  9. 2020 – near-miss solar super-storm
  10. 2021 – 3rd near-miss Europe blackout by grid mismanagement
  11. 2022 – Tonga powerful volcanic explosion, near-miss volcanic winter
    TRUCE for global blackout & extinction prevention!

Let’s summarise the ELEVEN (not counting near-miss nuclear wars) near-miss extinctions since 1970:

1972/ solar storm blows up Pacific war mines,

1989/ solar storm causes Quebec blackout,

1991/ space storm causes Pinatubo eruption,

2003/ solar storm with minor impact,

2006/ near-miss Europe blackout,

2012/ near-miss solar superstorm,

2017/ solar storm cause blackout in 15 USA cities, 

2019/ near-miss Europe blackout,

2020/ near-miss solar superstorm,

2021/ near-miss Europe blackout,

2022/ Tonga eruption – near-miss volcanic winter…


Superlasers’ simulations:


UNREPELLED solar storms, unprevented volcanic winter and nuclear plants’ explosion domino.

In October 2010, Oak Ridge National Laboratory released “Electromagnetic Pulse: Effects on the U.S. Power Grid”,  a series of comprehensive technical reports for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in joint sponsorship with the Department of Energy and the Department of Homeland Security. These reports disclose that the commercial power grids in two large areas of the continental United States are vulnerable to severe space weather. The reports conclude that solar activity and resulting large earthbound Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), occurring on average once every one hundred years, would induce a geomagnetic disturbance and cause probable collapse of the commercial grid in these vulnerable areas. Excess heat from induced currents in transmission lines would permanently damage approximately 350 extra high voltage transformers. The replacement lead time for extra high voltage transformers is approximately 1-2 years. As a result, about two-thirds of nuclear power plants and their associated spent fuel pools would likely be without commercial grid power for a period of 1-2 years. Commercial grid outage of 1-2 years far exceeds the current design criteria for nuclear power plants and associated spent fuel pools.


Ample evidence now exists, both analytical and experiential, that severe space weather has significant probability of causing widespread and persistent commercial grid outages. Nuclear plant licensees would have extreme difficulty cooling nuclear rods and protecting spent fuel pools under conditions of long-term commercial grid outage. Resupply of diesel fuel for backup generators and pumps would be improbable. Resupply of food and potable water for human operators and security personnel is in doubt, amidst chaos. Commercial grid outage in excess of 30 days would likely cause water uncovering of spent fuel rods and result in zirconium cladding fires. Zirconium fires would result in substantial and fatal radiation release to the atmosphere. The data for these conclusions come not from the work of advocacy groups or private citizens, but from the work of government-sponsored commissions and regulatory bodies. 

Quake EARLY warning system, saving hundreds of thousands of lives in Mexico, since 1991: . FREE software:

SECOND COUNTRY with REGULAR EXIT drills BEFORE strong earthquakes, Peru: